DigitalDawai strive for excellence in online pharmacy services with innovative solution and making sure to improve the overall medicine selling and buying experience by pharmacists and by patients. Our competitive edge is the combined strengths of our people, processes and technology. These strengths give us the advantage of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions.
What We Do?
We try to understand the industry and the needs of pharmacies and patients. We utilize our resources to fulfill those needs in a reasonably optimal way. We offer reliable and world class solution as we believe in Creating Customers for Life.
o   Understand problems faced by pharmacies
o   Understand current medication process of patients
o   Analysis of current competitors
o   Find out solutions to solve problems
o   Implement solution
Our Solution Include
o   We are creating a platform of independent pharmacies like Uber, making technology easy and affordable.
o   Ability to get more customers through online channels and increase the business.
o   Mobile based smart customer experience.
o   Creating trust and building customers for life.
The Value We Live By
o   Privacy – Our app values pharmacy & patients privacy
o   Commitment – We are proud to stand on our commitment by providing quality service
o   Integrity – We always act with integrity through honesty & fairness
o   Convenience – Help Pharmacies and Patients to deliver and manage the medications by enabling them with the technologies.
Our People
Our team brings in collective expertise with years of experience in healthcare, technology and marketing industry. To aid to implement cost-effective and reliable solutions to the pharmacies through its Global Delivery Model. It helps pharmacies to go digital and get more customers through online channels and increase the business. Our marketing team uses white-hat tactics to put your pharmacy at the top of your target audience’s searches. Our technical support team is offering largely health care solutions by improving patient’s medication process through technology.
Our Vision
We want to build Eco-system where all Independent pharmacies go digital and improve patients health outcomes.
Our mission
By bringing affordable technology to Independent pharmacies and to enhance medication process of patients by using technology.
Online Eco-system platform created by DigitalDawai will help independent pharmacies to increase the business and define Customers for Life and will help patients to enhance their medication process by using technology. Our team is continuously working to make DigitalDawai world’s best E-Pharmacy platform by serving customers with quality and trust.
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